Simple steps to keep your computer safe while browsing

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Despite all the good things the internet brings your way, it is probably one of the most unsafe places for your computer. Hackers will be trying to access information on your computer, worms will be trying to infect your files, there will be spywares reporting your activities to their makers and other malicious programs disguised [...]

How To Recover From A Computer Virus

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The first thing to do when recovering from a computer virus is to create backups for all the files, documents and every important thing in the computer which may be erased throughout the process. However, never create a backup for all the executable files because they are possible carriers of the virus and the computer [...]

Common Sources of Computer Infection

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Malware is name that causes every computer user to shudder. This is because such malware are viruses that have given a great number of people endless problems every now and then. Almost every computer that has internet connection is at the risk of getting infected with viruses. This is because it is easy for such [...]